Sharing from a friend ( Tom Cypert ) because not only does it cover events Nationwide, it simulates things/gossip/hatred right here in our little part of the world, a long read (he's kinda long winded, ha) but worth it ...

Instead of dressing up in your bed sheets and intimidating people (So 1930s) or instead of dressing up like some sort of Emo Ninja and acting like a Nazi (So 1940s) why not instead try to sway people to see your point of view with civil dialogue mixed with random acts of kindness?

Living in this country is a privilege (Yeah. Believe it or not). Do you have any idea the number of men, women and children who've perished over the past couple of centuries just trying to reach America? Risking everything for the mere CHANCE at a better life.

Are you cognizant enough to see that there's people who use things like mass shootings, looting, rioting etc to further erode YOUR liberties? No? Recall the White mentally deranged dirtbag who shot up the predominantly Black church? One picture of the dirtbag with a confederate flag and Amazon stopped selling the flag but continued to sell ISIS flags. Walmart (Walmart people!) refuses to sell cakes with a confederate flag now. They took the Dukes Of Hazard off the air. Do you really think the POS gunman was screaming "This is for a Uncle Jessie !!!!" as he was killing innocent Christians? Ever notice that a lot of times it's the guns fault but not the gunmans? Depends on what better furthers the anti-freedom agenda. 1930s wedding dresses

Why do Black lives matter but only when they're killed in confrontations with the police? There's a shooting in Chicago every 2 hours. That's every 2 hours every day, seven days a week. The vast majority of the victims (and the shooters) are African American. Some of those shot and/or killed are just little kids. Kids who do their homework while lying in the bathtub because it adds a layer of protection against stray bullets. Do they not matter? They do to me. Why aren't there BLM protests in Chicago EVERY single night saying "Hey, we're better than this and we deserve better."

Want the Klan to go away? Ignore them. As one who's had to work KKK rally's before I'm here to tell you, the only thing that keeps them going is counting on the protesters. Turn on The History Channel sometime and catch up on the history of the KKK. They went from a HUGE organization with its hands in everything to something laughable. Don't give them any publicity.

ANTIFA? I think everyone knows my thoughts on them. Nazis who run around calling everyone who disagrees with them "Nazis". Strange times indeed. Beg to differ with my point of view? Research Hitler's Brown Shirts in the 1930s.

I'm all about disagreeing. I don't want you to think exactly as I do. What a boring ass planet that would be! Debate is good. Trying to convince people to see your point of view by beating them is bad. Pretty simple and after thousands of years you'd think we'd get it.

I stopped an African American with long dreads last week as he was speeding to work. As we were parting he said, "Thank you for being so nice to me." Of course I'm going to be nice to you, you were nice to me. He had this preconceived notion of how our interaction could possibly go to go down. A preconceived notion that I hopefully changed for the better. Remember if you get pulled over that 99% of the time it's YOU who determines how things are going to go.

This country has enough external threats going right now that it doesn't need us constantly tearing ourselves apart. Who wins when we do? Are we making this a better country or better world for our children or their children?

During a recent tubing expedition down the French Broad (river) with the extended family the topic of a guy who survived jumping off the Golden Gate Bridge came up. I'd read his story a couple of years ago and the part that stuck in my mind the most was him saying that the second he cleared the railing he knew that he'd screwed up. He survived. He said that he was suffering from depression and that he didn't REALLY want to die. He told himself on the way to the bridge that he'd back out if even a single person acknowledged him. Nobody did. What if? What if just one person had said "Hi" to him?

So instead of swinging baseball bats at protesters and counter protesters how about......

Holding the door for someone?

Giving up your seat for someone on a bus?

Sending a cake to the nurses on a floor of a children's hospital?

Saying "thank you" to some way under appreciated EMS workers?

Helping your neighbors?

Checking on the elderly? Especially in the heat of summer or dead of winter.

The list goes on and on but regardless I find it hard to believe that we have sunk so far that our primary means of communication has to be beating each other up.