I need some insight from all my Jewish friends. I am clearly on the wrong media channels and news sites because I am not hearing or seeing a massive, mainstream Jewish response to this nazi atrocity uprising. Yes, Jews are at rally's or being quoted but not a system level wrath and fury. There appears to be more Jewish outrage from the perceived exclusion of Jews at Gay Pride .* I don't want to judge our response* until I know more. If the stereotype is that we have all the power then lets show them what we can do with it. Starting with putting pressure on HBO to ban their Confederate show. If you believe that a statue is a trigger than you certainly have to see how a show where slavery was not abolished is an act of racial treason.

It there is large scale action please post in my comments.

Southern confederate racism was a direct part of my life. I grew up from 4th - 8th grade in South Carolina and was verbally attacked for being a Jew and the adults in my Christian school did nothing to protect me. I took my older sister punching a young ringleader in front of the entire school to get them to stop. So I also understand responsive violence. This K12 school was a private school and no one was a marginalized lower income white person. They did not accept black people (long story of how I ended up there) and there were about 5 Jews. Parents at sports games would call the other teams "n-word". I knew there were some of the kids in my school who his Klan parents. My sisters prom theme was the Old South where everyone wore hoop dresses and the men wore confederate uniforms. Where prom dinner was hosted by parents in blackface. This was the 80's not some historic path. Combined with my Father's family history fleeing Nazi Germany I want to join with other Jews and use our might to fight. We owe it to Jews and every POC and every LGBT person, the nazi's hate us all. 8th grade prom dresses