Early on this afternoon I sitting here peacefully when all of a sudden Spirit started to come forward and give me a few things . I am hoping this may be for someone out there and perhaps tuning in tonight to my live readings . If anyone can understand any of these messages PLEASE let me know so we can go back to them tonight when I am live doing readings and see if we can reconnect with them
1st one / I have a man showing himself dressed up as a baby girl ,he as a mop hat white and small pink flowers on and a frilly apron which hes borrowed from nan which looks like a dress and sat in a pram , its a pram race which they ran august bank holiday in mid 70s hes laughing and saying we won it . He was a man that loved fun he was up for anything ,he always said life is to short so you must enjoy every moment you can , hes telling me when he was younger he was know to climb a lamp post or two .He as been over in spirit for some years ,hes saying here one minute gone the next ,feel heart attack , have names coming through Tom Tony and Cheryl . baby flower girl dresses

2nd / I am being shown a ford anglia car blue and white , and a man who is so proud of this car, hes laughing telling me when he was behind the wheel his knees would be meeting his chest .Hes saying he was a god looking bloke with a lovely mane of brown hair but it all started to disappear as the years mounted up , something hes telling me he never really came to terms with ,he mentions the name of Rose and Bert and showing me 3 shillings and 6 pence , 1989 must mean something , have a gravestone greyish with a black rose on the left side .

3rd/ I have a man here who tells me he loved fly fishing , he entered competitions and won many a trophy . It was his time for thinking sorted many a thing out while fishing , hes saying he nearly missed one of his children being born because of being out fishing , a man of great regards of doing things to your best ability and given things a 100% a man of old fashion values and principles .Have the names of Ben Brain and William.

4th/ I have a brown and white terrier dog running around here by the name of Toby , full of energy ,he's so excited hes trying to wag his non existent tail bless . He comes to let you know that something good is coming your way ,something you have been waiting along time to come .

5th/ I have a man here who said his name is Howard a man who says it as it is , and hes telling me to say , this is not the time to be making rash decisions , sit back think of it calmly and give things abit more time , better offers will be put on the table .