What is it when the church have embraced ideas that came from Water Spirits? Fame,trend, & ignorance have caused many to wear the things witches and warlocks came up with behind the scenes of their satanic gathering. They use these things to have legal right to enter a person's life by a simple attachment to the item or thing they've sent on assignment to trend to cause many faith to bend and break. Whenever the saints think it's okay to wear nails that look like claws because celebrities wear them. Wedding dresses that look like mermaids because a celebrity wears them. Men to wear pants tighter than their women because a celebrity trends them. Listen, this is a PERVERTED devil that is on assignment to open more doors of perversion in our lives. If we not careful this devil will come and pervert that which we believe and the doctrine we preach. The items are not devils but they can attrack devils if they have been designed as a curse or object of attachment on assignment to kill us. Some things that we like or that we're attracted to can be cute but very costly. What can it cost you? It can cost you your freedom, marriage, minstry, and children. I'm not saying that everything is demonic but the truth of the matter is everything is not all good either. What we don't know is behind the doors of media, entertainment, arts, and government are meetings and gatherings of people with ideas inspired by devils that's designed to manipulate, control, destroy, and kill you. That's why when we see people who is searching after fame and money they are dangerous because the SYSTEM will buy their influence and use them as weapon of manipulation and control. If they know we want fame or money they will give us just that and we will sale our birthright like Esau. This is why the Lord take years to build, mold, and shape our characters and hearts for the platform or position we are predestined to hold. Because if we're NOT founded on the foundation of the chief cornerstone Jesus the founder of the CHEAP cornerstone is going to tempt us to doing something ignorant that will destroy us. There is more to it than just having a great name because there is a warfare that comes with it that our minds have to be able to comprehend. Our boldness have to be able to confront, our faith have to be ready to be tested, our character's have to be ready for sabatoge and assassination. The high kings and priests threatened those in the bible to shut up or die. A few examples are Paul, Peter, and Daniel. Their influence was threatening their SYSTEM of control and it was drawing people like the damsel girl with a spirit of divination in ACTS 16. The governors were using the witches because they compromised and attacking the ones(Real Prophet's) who shut their source of control down. This is how Paul and Silas ended up locked up because they exposed the sheme and trick of their behind the scenes method to manipulate and control people. So if it's fame that you want it's as you're a son or daughter of the devil who is going to potentially betray JESUS for the money and it's only a matter of time before you hang yourself and the one's that you chose to compromise your faith with will be laughing at you instead of helping you. This is real talk and real ministry. The enemy hate those with one agenda and one purpose which is to win souls and defeat his kingdom by truth. The devil love those with a hidden agenda or hard heart because he can entice them with their secret desires of the flesh. It's vital to understand that if we're not delivered from a giant or avoided killing one, that same giant will appear in the next seasons to come! I don't know why I felt to just get on and type as the spirit led me to do so but I know there's a reason! I don't expect everyone to agree, understand, or like what's shared here. But I do expect respect in any comments and as a believer for everyone to use self control if there is a disagreement. Thank you in advance. cheap mermaid wedding dresses