My walk from the Port Authority bus terminal to my office is ONE avenue - on my walk to work this morning i observed the following

1. Much older woman wearing a cropped black bustier as her shirt - with black pants and heels / NO JACKET / on her way TO WORK!
Cropped shirt exposing your cleavage and stomach skin to work? I question that........on many levels

2. A man in a full white suit - white shirt, white jacket and white trousers and white tie - (the tie clinched it for me) - white shoes
For a minute I thought I had died and was seeing God (picture Morgan Freeman in Bruce Almighty)

3. A women about MY AGE (no NOT YOUNG) in a nice red dress BUT it was SO SHORT I saw her secret parts as she walked....NO JOKE.....again - how do people wear these things to work and feel comfortable? dresses with jackets

Gotta love NYC people's "style".