What some people don't understand or refuse to recognize is that hip hop is a culture. Rapping being only one part of it. It also includes fashion, language and dance styles.
As it grew it leaked into television shows. Would anyone argue that shows like "Martin" or "Def Poetry" even "In Living Color" were Hip hop in nature. And Today you see Hip Hop everywhere..Branding Merchandising...Sports.

When you think of the Hip Hop athlete people like Allen Iverson or Shaq may come to mind. Two seasons ago maybe Cam Newton on the gridiron. But no athlete has ever embodied the essence of Hip Hop culture, Like the first mainstream athlete to ever represent Hip Hop culture. IRON MIKE TYSON

First of all the Mike Tyson mythos reads like narrative of most Hip Hop artist. Kid from the inner cities of New York makes something from nothing and becomes rich and famous.
Mike Tyson is from Brooklyn, where some of hiphops greatest Emcees were born.

However the picture was bigger than that. At 20 years old he had become heavyweight champion of the world. His youth resonated with the youth of every young black male not only in Brooklyn, but in every inner city in America. He was our champion.

He talked like we did..he walked like we did.. he dressed how we wanted to. And he faught with the fire and fury that was what Hip Hop culture was all about. No boxer had ever represented hiphop.. no black athlete had even acknowledged it. Here was the young rebellious champion headed toward the ring blazing "Welcome to the Terrordome" by Public Enemy.

Ask anyone from NY.. it was nothing to see the Champ in a local Brooklyn barber shop. Or Catch him literally walking down the streets of Harlem..alone. Every one by now remembers him breaking his fist on Mitch Greens face in front of Dapper Dan's. What was more Hip Hop than that.

Mike Tyson was hiphops fighting champion.. even getting himself involved infamously in a beef with Hip Hop legend 'LL Cool J.He did a song with Cannibus and was with Tupac the night he died.Hows that for Hip hop status. To date in terms of song lyrics. Mike is probably the most mentioned athlete in all of Hiphop. Starting with the Fresh Prince (Will Smith) classic green evening dresses
"I think I can beat Mike Tyson"

Hip hop has tried.. But there has never been an athlete to wear the mantle of Hip hop as Mike did.( although Iverson tried) I Remember when Mike first tatted his face.. people thought he was crazy. Well maybe his is.. But Hip hop soon followed. And yes sometimes Hip hop gets a little crazy.

We over looked that night in Tokyo. As we did him going to prison. We over looked him biting off ears and telling someone he would eat their children. Because we loved him for what he was... the people's champ. Hip hop' s champion.

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