Some people may not want to share a picture like this, showing just how bad their skin was before. But I feel the opposite! I'm proud I took the steps to improve it!
After getting up and looking in the mirror about three years ago, and not recognizing that person staring back at me, I knew I needed to do something to get ME back!
I was the trifecta of bad skin...cystic acne as a teen and beyond, (I chose a high neck wedding dress for fear of breakouts on my chest on the big day) smoked for more years than I care to admit, sun worshipper, and NEVER used sunscreen. (Because we all look better as dark wrinkled raisins, right?)
I started using RF, certainly not expecting the results that followed! I became a consultant only for the discount so my son could also start using Unblemish (after years of antibiotics, topical creams and Accutane, to only have the acne return) and me knowing I would be a lifetime user of these products. Well, my friends very shortly noticed the significant visible changes to my skin, and THEY were asking ME how and where to get them! So my business was born too! Both very unexpected but very welcome improvements to my skin and my financial future! high neck wedding dresses
Don't think skincare can be life changing? I beg to differ! RF is spot on with its slogan "Life Changing Skincare"!!