Fairy-tale ride: Couple takes train to wedding

On Saturday morning, a young bride in white wedding dress was waiting for her bridegroom on the platform of # Harbin West Railway Station, # Heilongjiang province.

When the smartly dressed bridegroom arrived with a bouquet of roses, they got on Train No D6907 with the congratulations from hundreds of their relatives and friends present.


The bridegroom Chen Dong, 30, works at Daqing train operation depot and the bride Ma Yan at Qiqihar passenger traffic section.

Since the start of their relationship in Feb 2016, they did most of their dating on the high-speed rail line between Harbin and Qiqihar.

Therefore, they came up with the idea of using the train instead of the popular motorcade of luxury cars to reach the wedding venue in Daqing from Harbin.

With the help of the railway staff members on D6907, the carriage was decorated in a festive mood.

The red Chinese character xi, signifying happiness, was pasted on the windows and dozens of balloons formed different words such as happy to shower blessings on the young couple.

"We have carried hundreds of passengers since the service began two years ago," said Li Renshuang, conductor of D6907. "Passengers use the train to go to work or travel, but this is the first time that a wedding couple has taken the train." red and white wedding dresses

"It shows that the rail line can provide more convenience to the passengers," he added.

The bride and groom were surprised and grateful when they saw their "wedding car".

"It looks like I'm in a fairy-tale wearing a white wedding dress and sitting in a white carriage," said Ma. "We just want a unique wedding to mark the most important day for us."

Chen said: "We can appreciate the beautiful sceneries of wetlands and prairie along the way." "Plus, we can save as much as half of the time a car would have taken."

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