Taking back what belongs to you is never a crime. And as a wife, you should never allow another woman to take over your position as a wife, turning you into a slave or a second option. It is indeed the worst thing that will happen to any married woman.

Most times, the cause of such sad invasion is something insignificant. Things that are not supposed to be a problem or things that would have been resolved the moment it was noticed. But the negligence of both partners, sometimes the woman would make the man cease to value her.
Therefore, before fighting to take back what belongs to you, here are some certain things you need to consider to make the fight as easy as ABC.

1. Firstly ask yourself these questions- why is my husband behaving like his? Since when did this start? Answering these questions with all sincerity will give you a blue print of where the problem emanates from. And discovering this gets the situation 70% solved.

2. There are men who hate a nagging woman with passion. Check if you are a troublesome person. Ask yourself, do I ever give my husband a breathing space? Do I always attack him and his opinions? If he always comes home late, check it, maybe he is afraid to come home early because of the way you behave. Every woman should know better than not present family problems her husband as soon he comes home. Allow him to eat his food and rest for a while before bringing up any troublesome issue.

3. If you are a dirty woman, you need to change. That he refuses to give you some cash for make-up should not be the reason why you would not take care of your body, look good and dress to entice him while at home. Find out the kind of dressing he loves, the kind of underwear’s he loves and dress in those. Don’t feel because you have given birth there is no need to dress sexy. Everyman loves seeing his wife looking sexy. Watch your weight to avoid growing out of shape. Try hard to look as the lady he married years ago. sexy wedding dresses 2019

4. Make his business your business. This would help you know and understand when he is trouble about the business and also profess some reasonable solutions. Do not just ask for money, care also about the progress and source of that money. A smart wife is expected to be part of his husband business, because as the saying goes, behind every successful man is a woman. Be that woman to your husband and he will never let you go.

5. Love; always love and adore your man. No matter his flaws

In conclusion, when things are going wrong, you need to meet a therapist or a marriage counselor. If you do not have one, there is need for you to have one because these are the people that can help you save your marriage when things go wrong.

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