you know I'm all for be who u truly feel and I 100 % supports gays and everything but raise your child as the gender they came out and when they are older and tell u they want to be a man or woman support them then but don't make a big deal about it when they are kids and raise them the gender they came out until they tell u when they are older what they are when I was a little girl I wanted to wear boy shoes sometimes the clothes depending on what it was my mom wouldn't let me because I was a girl but the difference was both my parents support gays im straight but I still like my boy shoes boys basketball shorts and sweat pants and when I was a kid I wasn't allowed to really wear that stuff even as a teen my mom would only get me boys shoes if they were white or looked like they can be either I did have my basket ball shorts and sweats tho lol but again dress and treat your child there gender until they are older now there are some cases where the child truly feels as if they are a boy or girl and feel isolated and not right that is different there have been movies on that but for the every day child who wants to dress up like a boy or girl no short evening dresses