Elegantly she walked down that aisle.
Smiling like a young child who was given Halloween candy.
Her hair drawn back and her aura so very bright.
Nothing was as white as the dress she wore.

When she smiled, I noticed she was a facsimile of her mother.
It was as if she had connived with her mother to be that pretty.
As she walked gently towards him, she shone in radiance.
All would agree she was about to revamp his life.

Today was not a day to be short in the felicity department.
For she was marrying Mr. RIGHT and this would only be right.
It was a day to be strong in spirit as ever.
The way she looked at him, was like looking at something she had been wanting for goodness knows how long. short mother of the bride dresses

"Kiss the bride", the preacher said and I smacked my lips.
I was eaten up with anxiety as the final moment came.
I lifted up her veil and sank into her face.
I undid the spell as I drew her lips to mine.

Friend- "Emma wake up, why are you kissing your pillow?".
Me- "Ehn?, where's the love of my life?, Chaiii".

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