This is how it will work xx
There is 3 rounds.
1) a photo of each contestant will be uploaded along with a little bit about you ie
Hi my name is alysha, I'm 32 and I am your Mrs Belle North West Ambassador 2018/19. I am competing for an international title in April 2019. Our charity we are raising money for is Ronald McDonald house. I have 3 children, all girls. All 3 of my girls are also UK title holders for BELLE and will be joining me to compete in Spain. I used to own my own cafe selling sandwiches and cakes aswell as wedding cakes, birthday cakes etc. My health got too bad and I became disabled so I now have set up my own business selling prom, wedding and pageant dresses, aswell as jewellery. I have been doing pageants since last year and I am totally in love with the whole thing. It is helping me with my confidence and self esteem. short prom dresses 2019
Obviously that is just an example xx
We will also need a photo of each contestant in their fashion round outfit and evening round outfit for the judges to choose side awards x
You can encourage your friends and family to like your photo once it's uploaded into the album on here as there is an award for most viral, BUT it is not necessary as that is just 1 of the awards. I am still new to pageants and I don't have lots of friends on my Facebook so I know how disheartening it can be when pageants request you HAVE TO get lots of likes etc.
2) we will have a raffle advertised on our group. It will be loaded with lots of goodies including hair accessories, jewellery, watches, toys, lol items, star wars, unicorn etc.
All contestants will be advertising the raffle and selling tickets. Once each person has paid for their ticket to the contestant their name will be added into the raffle drum. Tickets will be £1 each and so say they purchase 10 tickets, their name will be wrote on 10 tickets etc. Once the raffle is closed all the contestants will send across their raffle money and their total will be added to their score sheet. There is a few awards for the fundraising part so it is encouraged for the contestants to at least try x
PLEASE NOTE you can also do additional fundraising for our pageant if you wish to. Just add the amount to your total when sending it across and let us know how much is from the raffle and how much is from your own fundraising as there is prizes for additional fundraising too x
3) our contestants will upload a short (No more than 2 minutes) video of them doing a "pageant walk". Then our judges, who will be in a private chat so they can confire between them. Will tally all the scores, choose who deserves which side award and then the winners xx
There is also a additional round for Talent. It is just £2 extra. All you need to do for that is send in a video that is no more than 3 minutes long for your talent xx
All crowns, saches etc will be posted out to the winners via recorded delivery xx