Dress shopping? Do NOT order from http://www.jjshouse.com/ .
I recently ordered two dresses for my son’s wedding. Both dresses arrived in fair time but the bust size for both dresses was 4 INCHES TOO SMALL. It’s not like they made them a too tight… they shipped me the wrong size! Oh it’s labeled the size I ordered but you put a tape measure to it, it’s a full 4 inches too narrow. Even if you forget the label size for the moment and consider the bust measurement listed on the J ... JsHouse website for my size, the actual dress bust measurement is 4 inches narrower than the listed bust measurement. When I contacted JJSHOUSE and asked to return them, they asked for photos of me in the dresses to prove they didn’t fit before issuing a refund. As soon as they received my photos, they sent a response that the dress is the size ordered and that I made the mistake ordering the wrong size to fit me so no refund. Honestly, I think there is some sick bastard at wedding dresses for big bust JJsHouse.com shipping dresses that obviously will not fit and then asking for photos of the women while pretending that they’ll issue your refund.
In doing a little research today on JJ’SHOUSE, I found numerous complaints on the web. It appears that JJsHouse.com has a strong history of not issuing refunds which defies their published return policy listed on the web-site. My mistake was not ordering the wrong dress; it was being stressed out over not having a dress for my son’s wedding in a few weeks and not stopping to check out JJsHouse before ordering.
Here is there return policy… note #2 and how it applies to me and how they didn’t follow it.
General Return Policies
1. Contact our Customer Service to initiate the return process within 7 days upon receiving your item(s).
Please note that we only accept products in their original condition, and we cannot process any products that are returned without our prior knowledge. If you wish to return any or all parts of your order, you will need to contact customer service at Contact Us and obtain a "Product Return" form that must be included with your package.
2. Mis-shipped products: Once we have confirmed your mis-shipped items (item shipped different from item ordered), we will be responsible for the item exchange and postage. You may also return the product and get a full refund including postage.
3. Color Errors: If the color of the item received is not what was ordered, you are qualified to get a full refund.
4. This return policy does not apply to our business resellers. Please contact us for additional instructions.
So don’t get screwed like I did. Stay away from JJsHouse and their dishonest methods.
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