July, the most beautiful summer in July, a hot season. Heart of the share of dedication, in the vast wilderness, listen to the breeze cool to tell, listen to people's irritability of the hustle and bustle, as well as the joy of landscape. Time is the farming season of the farmer, is a sweat watering season of life. Standing up the body, straight spine, shake off the dust of the past, erase the hearts of lonely sadly, steady pace, you can imagine the melody of this life, Imagine the afterlife of the morning song.

Northwest of July, little like the South Water Village, even in the rainy season, there is not much waterlogging.

This year in July, it is particularly hot. I heard that in the ancient city of Xi'an, car engine cover can ignite cigarettes, people living in the city, the skin tan layer of peeling, put a few eggs on the road, so the afternoon can be steamed food. Air conditioning fans all useless, they all day issued a sorrow, are denounced the owner, but also their holidays Qinghuan.

While the host at this moment, it is his face helpless. Even sitting still, the body thin and translucent feather yarn summer, has been wet in the white skin on the chest, covered with sticky feeling, a little feel refreshing. Filled the streets, the young man off the back, all like a loach in the water, naked to the streets scurrying. Although the heat intolerable, sitting in the house can imagine, suddenly from the road crossroads traffic lights, drifting across a few colorful dresses, to the town or how much added to the imagination of the space, how many men's eyes, has attention Became coveted. (Article reading network: www.sanwen.net )

July, resplendent, bright and eye-catching, colorful. Looked at the stars, bath breeze, under the thick tree, enjoy the quiet night and tranquil at the same time, people reminiscent of those ordinary and busy years of time.

In July the village, the block of terraced rice paddies, wheat fields have been plowing stubble, corn is spit blush, the pumpkin has knotted pimple, oval orange fruit, particularly dazzling, potato has been cooking, a fresh potato silk , Fresh and delicious, early pear tree branches were fruit sagging, banana pear tree near the fragrance, yellow marshal, red marshal, red star and other summer apples have been listed, under the vintage, plum tree, let summer summer bare ass children They have trampled into playgrounds. Know the sound of the trees on the weak response to three or five, has been the release of the irritability of the mood, noon grass and corn leaves, all bowed his head, no shiny, sunflower leaves like to go to the bones. A rain, has been brewing in the tree under the shade of the topic. Rain and rain, sweet summer rain Ze Run, became the main theme of July forever.

That year, immature young ignorant of me, has been thinking about, for the father to share the burden of the family. At that time just fifteen years old, the end of the exam, July summer long and tough days, people are very helpless. Hurry to complete the summer homework, to aunt family play, little uncle through their home in the Bay Bay forest farm work relatives, contracted a little forest live, in the home ditch mountain hoe. He would like to return to the home a little meager income to subsidize the home. So I told my aunt my thoughts, I also want to follow my uncle to hoe trees. One in the mountains to the little uncle companion, one just I also work hard to learn, to earn their own tuition fees, but also just for the father to share the economic burden. This is the best of both worlds. Aunt and uncle after discussing, said through the forest of their relatives, so, our father and son, ready to their own hoe and dry food, step into the valley of the forest area, we began to contract to the first Work.

To Jiagou forest area, located in the east of the guru lake gully, the northwest direction is the cattle Fort village, southeast is the second bridge village, across the Binxian Linyou tour Binlin highway, southeast ditch, is the five generations of the four countries Feng Hui Cemetery, the general next to the cemetery is the pear pear point to Taiwan. To the ditch in the east of the historian ditch, to the ditch around, all the Shaanxi West temple head of the state forest area, west is the bottom of the shop water plant. Here on the Banpo mainly to acacia, Pinus tabulaeformis and Pinus tabulaeformis, forest land to forest-based. At that time, the village has not moved to the village, the village north to the south, the river on both sides of the table are all crops, rivers from east to northwest direction, and finally into the Yan River. Although the time is still home to the ditch condition is still very primitive, but the Divine land, as long as there are people living in smoke, more than a Reiki. So, when I was young, although the first time to go out to work, but still very much like, hard temperament intoxicated between the landscape.

Every day of labor, constantly changing the hills. For convenience, I and the little uncle in the home to find an acquaintance, living in the cattle feeding room, the morning, the bag from the home to bring the corn bread, no kettle, the hospital hanging drip bottle Wash clean, (because salt water bottle is cooked glass, not easy to break.) Install a bottle of boiling water up the mountain began to hoe trees.

July morning, less than ten o'clock, had been hot hot. Especially in the woods to work, that is not breathable, and the woods inside the bushes, vines entangled, it is difficult to move forward, in addition to the hands of the hoe, no choice, the only way to do only efforts to weeding, End of a forest, it is a victory, every hoe finished a piece of land, you can drill out of the woods to rest.

At noon, the kind of wood in the hot, unbearable. Work in the woods, take off clothes bare arm is not enough, thorny shrubs will scratch the skin. Can be dressed in clothes, covered with all wet, sweat on the head, along the neck sink into the river, kept underground flow. Only the water after drinking, or kept trying to drink water, that only go down to the river canal to drink raw water, raw water to drink the stomach, has been felt swollen, can still want to drink until the raw water diarrhea , Or difficult to quench their thirst, hard heat cool down. These are nothing, the most worrying thing, than the process of work, to worry about snakes walk through. Because the long-term no trace of the past, the forest is the snake paradise, where they are here, the sun is warm time, you can come out looking for food, especially ferocious, as long as you disturb her good things, she will love you did not discuss. Poisonous snakes and animals, in our hometown of the summer, is the usual thing. Sometimes, occasionally see a wild strawberries, would like to stop thirst, but do not forget, poisonous snakes more than you like the taste of strawberries, so no matter how good fruit game, but also pay a careful price. white evening dresses

Of course, the shade of the summer, and occasionally flew a group of pheasants, while the air wings transfer location, once sent to other partners to send a signal from foreign enemies, no longer normal. Yulin of the slope of the shore, picking crispy sweet peach, pick up a two nest wild eggs, it is very easy thing. Birch hibiscus, papaya has been able to pick to eat, and that red hibiscus, the more the river canal, the more sweet the mountain side. Rest of the rest of the work, in the willow or yellow poplar tree, the United States and the United States to sleep, it is hearty dripping. Can not say that this is the city people will never enjoy the blessing. That year summer vacation, passing thieves fast, hard work in exchange for hard-earned money, but also my life pot of gold. Once, but also for their own labor in exchange for fruit, and pride and pride, holding their own earned money to go to school reports, my heart can not say, is a kind of inner and practical.

Suddenly look back, riding the ridge, gully, still vividly, clearly reproduce.

The most beautiful, that is, evening work, marching sunset after a while in the small river to take a bath, and then go home. After dinner, we and fellow ditch folks, together in the village to listen to the villagers pull the parents short. While listening to the stream of the sound of the stream, while in the labor to pay, happy to enjoy the beautiful summer night to enjoy. Suddenly after a burst of wind in the ravine, thunder and lightning, heavy rain, such as dumping, but also about ten minutes or so. After the storm, the moon is still bright and clean, the edge of the river, shrubs shade shadow Yingchaochao, children have been sleeping in the arms of the village, into the sweet dreams. At this time the mountain village, frogs one, can not help but people will think of Xin Qiji's Xijiang month. "Night line in the sand Road," a tie, "the moon is not surprising magpie, breeze midnight Ming cicadas rice flowers said Fengnian, listen to frogs Seven or eight stars days outside, two or three points before the rain.

At this time the feeling is indeed a kind of enjoyment, regret is everything, have become the memories of the past. And then look at now, people's lives become rich, eat wear degree, and then how to say, but also better than thirty-five years ago the scene. Summer and summer days, nor too much heavy labor, people are hard to endure the heat of suffering ... ...

Every year a short month in July, the blink of an eye also left a day or two, ruthless years rush, like flowing east.

July, life in July ah There are a few passion burning in July, waiting for me to harvest, waiting for me to enjoy, enjoy her gentle and passion? Life in July, is the harvest of years of baptism, wind and snow storm experience. Harvest a year, or a lifetime of fruit. Endeavor, recorded blood and suffering. Dazzling ambition, dedication of the mantle, persistent and no regrets, awe-inspiring righteousness. Blue sky, look up to the novelty, are cheated his eyes, youth road, in fact, very far. Joys and sorrows, how many nostalgia, thoughts and perseverance, thinking about everything, tie off the infinite sense of loss.

"The road is long and Xiu Xi, I will be up and down and quest." Young has become the past, mature interpretation of the front. While the foot of the road is still continued. Struggle, creation, hard work, crying, joy and other life ups and downs, make life in July by a strong test.

After the rain and rain, whether it will appear in the mountains of the top, look forward to, and strive to ... ...